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James Rosemond is not a Drug Kingpin: Chapter One

In these serialized set of articles, I will present solid facts and evidence that Rosemond was not a drug kingpin under the definition of the law. I believe that government informants colluded with the United States Attorney, former prosecutor, Todd Kaminsky, and various media outlets, to convict Rosemond of these charges. My investigation is on-going; however, at its core there are five components that confirm that Rosemond had a periphery connection to a crew of street hustlers and narcotic traffickers that operated as freelancers. He was NOT a criminal boss of an organized, continuing criminal enterprise.

I am currently in production on a documentary series surrounding this case, and these articles will be a companion piece to the film. I have a sense of urgency in writing this expose as Rosemond is behind bars awaiting a disposition on various legal appeals that are being filed.

— Don Sikorski, Investigative Reporter, Go To Ground News
Chapter 1: Prisoner #17903-054

READ: Chapter 1 – Prisoner #17903-054

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