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James Rosemond is Not a Kingpin: Chapter Three

Large-scale drug networks and organizations develop over time. They are intricate vessels that combine manpower, strategic thinking, and the ability to command and control cells of people in various sectors of the business. This business must secure good transportation and money collection. Additionally, skilled managers must be recruited to make sure the “bottom line” is met. Drug kingpins are like any CEOs, except they are more cunning than the average, especially if the product is coke, then lives are in danger everyday.

As the United States government assembles cases against drug crews, it uses a number of tools, similar to a game of chess. All the targets or the members of the drug crew are pawns on the board. In James Rosemond’s story, the calculated error he made after he became successful in the music business was he continued to surround himself with “street guys.” These individuals lived on the edge and some were major narcotics traffickers on the East and West coasts. The truth is although Jimmy did leave that life behind, he was ultimately tied to members of a “cocaine investment group,” which was a loose affiliation of traffickers, who pooled their money and resources.

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Chapter 3READ: Chapter 3 – The Chessboard: Henry Butler, Khalil Abdullah and the “Rosemond Organization”

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