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James Rosemond is Not a Kingpin: Chapter Two

Don Sikorski, Investigative Reporter, Go To Ground News:

In 2008, Chuck Philips decided to set his sights on James Rosemond and the story behind the infamous shooting of Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios. He wanted to break new and explosive information so he traveled into an alternate reality where both Sean P. Diddy Combs and James Rosemond had conspired to set up the robbery and assault of Shakur. Philips’ main source and controversial proof are FBI documents called 302s. These are internal, FBI investigative documents that are typewritten by agents after conducting interviews with confidential informants or other sources of information. James Sabatino, a convicted con man and inmate at a federal jail, provided the documents and other information. 

The editors at the LA Times once again ran the article, which caused others to write ancillary stories filled with wide-spread speculation and gossip. These FBI documents, the 302s, pointed the finger at Rosemond; however, no one knew that the documents had been forged inside a federal jail. Ten days after the article ran in the LA Times, The Smoking Gun, a criminal blog, discovered that the documents were phony.

Follow the link below to read the full chapter.

Chapter 2READ: Chapter 2 – James Rosemond, Chuck Philips, and the LA Times slander


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