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Kaminsky Under Fire for Shady Campaign Donation

Todd Kaminsky

Newly-elected New York State Senator Todd Kaminsky is already coming under scrutiny within days of taking office due to a “publicly untraceable” 11th-hour contribution to his campaign. Kaminsky, who ran on an ethics reform platform, is the former prosecutor who employed several egregious tactics to convict Jimmy.

(CBS New York) The man who just succeeded the corrupt former state Senate majority leader is refusing to give back a big money contribution that was arranged by the person at the center of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign donations probe.

CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported that state Sen. Todd Kaminsky is being grilled about a $50,000 contribution arranged by Ross Offinger, who is at the center of the state and federal probe into whether de Blasio and his team skirted campaign finance laws during a frantic attempt to engineer Democratic control of the Senate in 2014.

“The contribution you’re talking about was not made to me. It’s not mine to give back,” Kaminsky said.

O’Brien Murray, the campaign manager for Kaminsky’s Republican opponent Chris McGrath, said Kaminsky should give the money back.

“Todd Kaminsky used to be a federal prosecutor. How quickly he forgets. He’s obviously now a typical politician. He’s a hypocrite,” Murray said.



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