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Kaminsky Under Fire for Shady Campaign Donation

Newly-elected New York State Senator Todd Kaminsky is already coming under scrutiny within days of taking office due to a “publicly untraceable” 11th-hour contribution to his campaign. Kaminsky, who ran on an ethics reform platform, is the former prosecutor who employed several egregious tactics to convict Jimmy.

Jimmy Files Habeas Corpus Appeal, Complaint Against Kaminsky

STAR PROSECUTION WITNESS AGAINST JAMES ROSEMOND RECEIVED SUBSTANTIAL BENEFITS TO TESTIFY Rosemond Files Complaint Against Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Kaminsky For Favors Given to Lead Witness Ineffective Counsel and Juror Misconduct Also Cited in Habeas Corpus Appeal For a New Trial (Brooklyn, New York,

Eric B. on The Combat Jack Show

Props from Eric B. on ‘The Combat Jack Show’

Eric B. shares his thoughts on Jimmy’s situation during a rare interview with Reggie Ossé on The Combat Jack Show (roughly 1:25:38). Reggie: Jimmy Henchman, man. Eric B.: Same thing. We were cool with everybody. You know what I’m saying? We crossed all lines. We were cool