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Web Series Announcement

New York, NY, January 19, 2016 – Go To Ground News announces Unjust Justice – The Jimmy Rosemond Tapes, a 10-episode web series premiering February 1, 2015 on

One of Hip Hop’s most paradoxical executives, Jimmy Rosemond, is behind bars serving a life sentence. Rosemond was an austere but hard-working executive whose reputation had been hampered for decades by allegations of his involvement in the 1994 shooting of rapper Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios in New York City. Since his conviction in 2012 on unrelated charges, nobody has had the chance to speak to Rosemond or get all the details on his case. Riddled with inconsistent information provided by career criminals and federal informants, along with a strategic plan by former Los Angeles Times journalist Chuck Philips to provide government officials with false and damaging information, the case caught the attention of G2G producers, who were inspired to do some real digging to uncover the truth.

Topics examined in the series include Tupac, the business of hip-hop, media coverage of Rosemond and his conviction in both a drug conspiracy case and murder-for-hire of an ex-con who assaulted his then 14-year-old son. A host of trial documents, wiretaps and materials gathered by the G2G investigative team will be reviewed to seek out if justice was truly served.

In addition to the web series, G2G will also premiere a podcast hosted by investigative reporter Don Sikorski and esteemed hip-hop journalist Bönz Malone entitled The Rosemond Tapes, which features recorded conversations with Rosemond from inside a federal penitentiary about various topics surrounding past, present and future judicial proceedings. The podcast will be hosted on Soundcloud and will premiere in February.

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